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Roof Update

We are on track to start our roof replacement the week of April 3rd.  We will be closing our loan with Webster Bank on March 24th and the contractor Ferschke Construction has been selected and scheduled.  We have received an excellent rate with Webster for the five year project and the commitment letter can be found on the website. 

This project will consist of removing the existing roof, replacing outdated skylights (For units that have not already done and at their expense), and replacing all roof trim, flashing and roofing.

Since our loan period will start on April 3rd one of the payment options below will be due on April 15th.

1. A one-time upfront payments of $5,800

2. A partial upfront payment and appropriate monthly payments to pay off the balance over 5 years.

3. The first monthly payment of $110 to pay off balance over 5 years at the bank fixed rate of 4.84% interest.(Interest included in the monthly fee)

Monthly payments will be included as a line item on your monthly statement. There will be available separate amortization schedules per unit given the flexibility to pay up front versus finance. Please let Mary Ann Birsic, , your intents regarding this information and your option. 

Any unit which has not replaced their skylights will be receiving a separate correspondence regarding arrangements that have been made to bring your units up to date and in compliance with requirements to insure warranties. If you do not receive said correspondence your unit has been inspected and is set for the roof replacement.

Maintenance Updates

The follow maintenance projects are scheduled to be completed over the next few weeks.

  1. Missing/damaged attic firewalls  between Unites 2001&2002 and 2103&2104 will be repaired.
  2. All gutters will be cleaned
  3. Four eave vents (Two in front and two in back) will be installed for all units.  Part of the roof replacement is to make sure the attic area is properly vented to maintain a similar temperature on both sides of the roof.  This helps reduce ice dams.  Since this installation can be done separately from the roof installation we have decided to do this now to help reduce the chance of ice dam issues this winter.


Please remember as of January 1st, 2016 the Monthly Condo Fee is $285/month.  Remember to update automatic payments to reflect the new monthly fee.  All owners will be recieving a monthly statement by email starting next months.

Payments can be made by Mail to the address below OR by dropping it in the New Lockbox located at Unit 2105

Manton Pond at Wake Robin
c/o Mary Ann Beirne
5 Wake Robin Rd #2105
Lincoln RI 02865



Contact Info: Fred Law



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